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New Connection Tariff

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Sr No Tariff Head Amount in (Rs)
1 (a) Security Deposit for Cylinder (14.2 kg) - in the rest of India, except North Eastern States In the seven North Eastern States 1450.00
(b) Security Deposit for Cylinder (5 kg) 350.00
(c) Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg) 1700.00
(d) Security Deposit for LOT Valve 1500.00
(e) Security Deposit for Cylinder (19 kg with LOT Valve) 3200.00
(f) Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg) 4300.00
(g) Security Deposit for Cylinder (47.5 kg with LOT Valve) 5800.00
2 Security Deposit for Pressure Regulator 150.00
3 Hotplate Inspection charges at the time of release of new connection 250.00
4 Installation/Demonstration charges for New Connections 50.00
5 Administrative charges for release of DBC 50.00
6 Administrative charges seeking confirmation of Termination voucher(TV)/CTA/Transfer terminations voucher. 00.00
7 Mechanic visit charges other than leakage (cylinder and PR Leakage complaints are attended free of charge) 75.00
8 Administrative charges for issuance of DGCC including cost of DGCC 50.00
9 Mechanic charges for mandatory inspection of domestic installation 75.00
10 Damaged Safety cap Replacement 2.00