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5 Kg FTL

Indian Oil Corporation has pioneered the launch of 5 kg FTL cylinders from Kirana stores/supermarkets, thus becoming the first PSU Oil Company in the country to replicate the international model of making available LPG cylinders from corner stores for the convenience of its customers. IndianOil has successfully broken through the barrier of selling LPG from company-controlled outlets, offering its customers hassle free LPG, available from convenient pick-up points. This facility was launched by IndianOil between 28/03/2014 and 31/03/2014 from 11 such stores across 5 cities, viz. Bangalore (4), Chennai, (1) Gorakhpur (1) Lucknow (4) and Aligarh (1).

The launch of this facility from corner stores/supermarts is a major milestone and will be a new step in the direction of making available LPG freely through easily approachable sales points, viz. local corner stores. Keeping in mind the requirement of customers these cylinders will be made available through small stores like Kirana shops, retail stores, malls etc. and customer can buy these cylinders giving just proof of identity only. At the time of first sale, the 5 kg cylinders will be sold (equipment + product) as free trade LPG (FTL) at non domestic rates with /without DPR for by charging Rs. 1000/- plus applicable taxes for the cylinder and Rs. 250/- plus applicable taxes for DPR. The cost of gas will be as per non domestic rates applicable in the market. Subsequent refilling can be done by exchanging the empty cylinder for a filled one.

This scheme is proving a boon to migratory population such as students, IT professionals, BPO employees, who can afford to pay a higher price for LPG but are unable to avail new connections in view of absence of proper proof of address (POA). It is also helping persons with odd duty timings as it is providing them the flexibility to pick up cylinders and obtain subsequent refills at time of their choice.

Earlier, 5Kg FTL cylinder was launched on 5th October 2013, in the cities of Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore on a pilot basis through select retail outlets by Hon’ble MOP (Bangalore) & Hon’ble MOS (Chennai). The Scheme was launched at Hyderabad on 4th December, 2013 at all the OMC ROs by Hon’ble MOS and at Delhi on 22nd January 2014 by Hon’ble MOP.

Now IndianOil is marketing 5 kg FTL from 52 company controlled sales points viz 38 Retail Outlets & 14 LPG distributorships across 32 cities, in addition to the 11 kirana stores/supermarkets mentioned above. Which are increasing day by day.


Launch of 5 kg FTL from M/s Lovely Foot King, through LPG distributor, M/s Shankar Indane, Lucknow


Launch of 5 kg FTL from M/s Nirankar Milk Dairy, through LPG distributor, M/s Rajajaipuram Gas Service, Lucknow