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Commercial Applications of LPG

  Dal Mill   Lime and Cement drying, sand curing   Canteens/Cafes   Battery Manufacturing   Preparation of fabric   Pharmaceuticals  
  Greenhouse Heating   Stream raising   Fish and chip frying   Tools reforming, metal cutting, chisel heating   Spinning   Portable devices/torches  
  Bird Scaring   Tar heating and melting   Hotels and Restaurants   Casting: metal and non ferrous   Weaving   Glass item manufacturing  
  Crop Processing   Heating of roads marking material   Refrigerators   Heat treatment, forming for ferrous & non ferrous   Dyeing   Goldsmith  
  Incubators/Life Stock Heating   Hot mix plants for asphalt   Roasting   Fabrication   Calendaring   Others  
  Tobacco Curing and Coffee   Plaster of Paris   Earthen Ware/porcelain   Mould drying, foundry, cast iron      
  Vineyards & Orchards