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Auto Gas

1.0 LPG as an automotive fuel in the country was introduced in India after the issuance of the LPG (Regulation of Use in Motor Vehicles) Order in the year 2001 by Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas. The actual retailing of Auto LPG thru an Auto LPG Dispensing Station (ALDS) could commence only in late 2002 with the introduction of LPG Conversion Kits duly approved by ARAI. It has been more than 6 years since, and during this period, the Auto LPG Industry has been treading a path of steady progress, consolidation and above all, safety.


2.1 Allows Government Oil Companies and Rated Parallel Marketers to import (including Auto LPG import substitution), storing, distribution and selling Auto LPG for Automotive purpose (conforming to IS 14861:2000) through Auto LPG Dispensing Stations to registered vehicles with permanently fitted Auto LPG tanks and approved LPG Conversion Kits as notified by Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India.

2.2 As per the LPG (regulation of Use in Motor Vehicles) Order-2001, either imported or import-substituted LPG can be used for Auto LPG purposes. The product specifications of Auto LPG are different from Domestic LPG and should conform to IS 14861:2000. Accordingly PSU Oil Companies are marketing Auto LPG sourced from following indigenous productions sources.

NR: Mathura Refinery
Panipat Refinery
SR: CPCL, Chennai
WR: Koyali Refinery
BPCL, Mumbai
Hazira Fractionator
Uran Fractionator
ER: Haldia Refinery

The salient differences between LPG used for automotive purposes (IS: 14861) and LPG used for domestic purposes (IS: 4576) are as under:

Sr.No. Characteristic Auto LPG as per IS: 14861 Domestic LPG as per IS:4576
1. Vapour Pressure at 40 Degree C, kPa Min 520
Max 1050
Butane 520,
Propane 1550
Mix 1050
2. C5 Hydrocarbons & Heavier, Mole %, Max 2.0 2.5
3. Dienes, mole %, max 0.5 Report
4. Total Volatile Sulphur ppm 150 150
5. Motor Octane Number MON 88 --
6. Cu Strip Corrosion at 38 C Class 1 Not worse than No.1
7. Evaporation Residue, mg/kg, max 100 --
8. Free water content Nil Nil
9. Hydrogen Sulphide Pass the test Pass the test

2.3 Auto LPG is being dispensed through Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) set up at existing Retail Outlets. The facilitates provided at the ALDS to dispense Auto LPG to vehicles include:

  • a. Underground LPG Storage Bullet to store Auto LPG - water capacity: 7.5/10 KL.
  • b. Submersible LPG Pump-to-Pump LPG from underground storage bullet to the vehicle through LPG Dispenser.
  • c. LPG Dispenser – for metering the quantity of LPG in Liters dispensed to the vehicle.
  • d. Unloading pump for receiving bulk LPG in the underground LPG bullets from bulk Tank Trucks.
  • e. Mass Flow Meter for measuring the quantity of Bulk LPG unloaded.
  • f. Other Safety & Emergency Management devices / systems.

2.4 Auto LPG is being dispensed to vehicles fitted with Approved Conversion Kits. The Conversion Kits have been “Type Approved” by any of the following Agencies, as specified by MOST:

  • a. Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune
  • b. Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmednagar
  • c. Indian Institute of Petroleum (IIP), Dehradun.

At present, 25 manufacturers of Conversion Kits for 4-Wheelers and 14 manufacturers of Conversion Kits for 3-Wheeler Vehicles have been approved by Various Testing Agencies.

2.5 Vehicles fitted with approved conversion kits should have “Permanently Fitted LPG Fuel Tank”. These tanks are manufactured as per BIS Specification IS 14899: 2000. Vehicles using replaceable domestic cylinders are not allowed

2.6 Any Parallel Marketer may also be allowed to import (including import substitution), transport, market, distribute and sell Auto LPG provided such Parallel Marketer has been rated for his capability, infrastructure network and readiness to carry out professed business, by any of the following Agencies:

  • a. CRISIL (Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.), Mumbai
  • b. CARE (Credit Analysis and Research Limited), Mumbai
  • c. MDRA (marketing and Development Research Associates), Delhi
  • d. ICRA (Investment Information Credit Rating Agency), Delhi


3.1 Compared to Petrol, Auto LPG exhaust emissions emit:

  • 75% less CO
  • 85% less HYDROCARBONS
  • 40% less NO
  • 87% less OZONE DEPLETION

3.2 Compared to Diesel, Auto LPG exhaust emissions emit:

  • 50% less NO
Description Delhi
Mileage (Km/Ltr.) 16 17
Conversion Cost (Rs) 20000  
Fuel Price (Rs/Ltr.) as on 01.07.2018 45.41 75.55
Cost per KM (Rs.) 2.84 4.44
Saving Rs/KM 1.60  
Saving in % over MS in Cost/KM 36.04  
Break even at KMs 12500  

Locations of Dispensing Stations.

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Auto LPG Saving Calculator

Average km travelled/ day : Km
Mileage achieved presently : Kmpl
RSP of petrol : Rs/ Ltr
RSP of Auto LPG : Rs/ Ltr
Your payback period : Months
Your yearly savings : Rs
1.When fitted with normal Auto LPG kit average cost is Rs16,000.
2.Mileage using Auto LPG is 10% less than conventional fuel.