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Bottling plants

Bulk LPG is packed in LPG cylinders only in safe and secure environment. IOCL has currently 89 bottling plants in the country to do such bottling. The reach of IOCL plants extends from Leh to Andaman and Nicobar islands.

In a bottling plant, bulk LPG is received from the sources through pipelines, by road or by rail. This is then stored in the vessels and then filled in cylinders using sophisticated filling machines called Carousals. IOC is now having electronic Carousals with minimum manual intervention for accurate and safe filing. After filling the cylinder body, valve is checked for any leaks and the weight is checked on 100% of cylinders.

Good, Safe and Correct weight cylinders are sent to the distributor godowns after sealing them.

Safety at Our Plants

All IOC plants conform to OISD(Oil Industry Safety Directorate) norms and PESO(Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation) regulations. Plants have very high safety standards with state of art fire fighting facilities. Plants are notified as prohibited areas and visits from others who do not have any business with the plants are not permitted.