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Bulk LPG

IndianOil is selling Bulk Industrial LPG as per IS 4576 (latest edition). The Bulk Industrial LPG is sold as Commercial Butane, Commercial Propane and Commercial LPG.

Based on Customer's specific requirement LPG is also supplied in various mixes of Propane and Butane.

Demands of Customers who require Propane rich LPG are met through IndianOil's Import Terminals.

Commercial Applications of LPG.

Bulk LPG

Our Business Associates

Mr. Arun Ghosh
Mr. Gopeshwar Agrawal
Mr. Dhiraj Gupta
Gas India
Shri Arun Kumar
Mosaic Enterprises
Mr. Nimesh Khara
M/s Khara Natural Resources
Mr. Rajeev Chugh
Rajeev Enterprises
Mr. Rohit Gupta
M/s SMG Gases
Shri Birendra Singh Yadav
M/s. Yadav Roadlines

For more details Contact Us :

Shri Manish Grover
Chief LPG Manager (Strategies)
Head Office, Mumbai
Shri S. Aind
Sr Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Ranchi
Jamshedpur Sales Area
Shri Sandeep Jaikishan
Sr Manager (LPG-Sales)
State Office : Odisha
Shri S K Mohammad Hanif
Manager, (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Noida
State Office : UP State Office II
Ms. Harshala Raut
Deputy Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Pune
State Office : Mahrashtra
Ms. Kanupriya Singh
Assistant Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Secunderabad
State Office : Andhra Pradesh
Shri. S Kumar
Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Bengaluru
State Office : Karnataka
Ms. Manjusha Gopinath
Sales Officer (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Chennai
State Office : Tamilnadu
Ms. Nithya Jayan
Assistant Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Coimbatore
State Office : Tamilnadu
Ms. Komala Radhakrishnan
Dy. Manager (LPG-CS)
Area Office : Madurai
State Office : Tamilnadu