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SAHAJ (e-SV) : An Initiative, undertaken by OMCs as part of Digital India plan

As part of Digital India initiatives, OMCs launched a facility of on-line release of LPG connection with online payment, named ‘SAHAJ (e-SV)’ in Delhi on 1st May 2015. ‘SAHAJ (e-SV)’ is the electronic subscription voucher emailed to the customer upon release of LPG connection online, which indicates the number of cylinders and pressure regulators loaned to the customer against the security deposit.

Why this initiative?

There have been several feedbacks and customer complaints against OMC’s LPG distributors regarding problems being faced by the prospective customers at the time of release of new LPG connections. Nature of these complaints include forced selling of Hotplate and other related items, over Charging, multiple visits to showroom for completing the formalities like KYC etc, no visible check / control on time taken for release of connection etc.

Benefits of this ‘e -SV’ initiative to the prospective customers

The ‘SAHAJ (e-SV)’ initiative enables the prospective customers to register, make payment online for availing LPG connection at their doorstep without visiting the LPG distributorship. The following are major benefits available to the customers under this facility:

  • a) Reduction in Lead time: Each stage in new connection release process can be electronically monitored resulting in reduction of lead time for release of new connection.
  • b) Self Selection: Customers can select the desired equipment & required NFR products like hotplate, cylinder trolley etc. on web as per their need. Hence there is no possibility of forced selling of these products by distributors.
  • c) Customer Education: - On applying by web, process along with the documents required for availing a new connection are clearly mentioned. This educates the customer before applying.
  • d) Tracking & Intimations:-Tracking option and intimations by sms and emails also available at various stages.
  • e) Cashless transactions: Customers have freedom to pay by their Credit/Debit cards, Internet banking through a robust payment gateway. Besides transparency, it allows customers to take immediate buying decision rather than wait for cash.
  • f) No visits to Showroom of distributor / Home Delivery: This initiative gives immense flexibility to customer for registration of new LPG connections, sitting in the comfort of their homes / offices, pay online, no requirement for visiting OMC distributor’s showroom for undertaking and formalities, thereby saving on time and energy. Original SV along with equipment requested by the customer are delivered at their home.
  • g) Online Inter-Company De-duplication: This facility is integrated with online intercompany dedupe facility. As such multiple connection check is done across all 3 company data base before intimation of release is sent to the prospective customer.All the above benefits are expected to result in greater Customer delight.
  • Implementation status & Road Ahead : a) Pilot for Delhi , launched on 1st May 15 covering 308 distributors . Till 10.07.15, 550 ‘SAHAJ(e-SV)s’ were released for the online payment made cases. Almost 98% connections, registered on-line, have been released with 7 days of registration.
    b) Facility extended to 11 states on 1st July 15 covering 1976 distributorship.
    c) Planned to be extended to 10 more identified states by 15.07.15 & rest of India by 01.10.15.

Flow diagram showing the Process for Online New connection

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