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Indane Jumbo

In order to cater to the LPG requirement of Industrial customers having high consumption, IOC is marketing ‘‘Indane JUMBO” with 425 Kg LPG in it. Providing bulk LPG installation is capital intensive, requires large space and approval from PESO. Indane JUMBO requires less space and can meet a flow rate of up to 2,000 kg/hour. No license is required for Indane JUMBO cylinder to be connected in a cylinder installation designed and erected with the standards conforming to IS: 6044 Part II and OISD 162 norms. It requires less change over in comparison of 19 Kg and 47.5 kg cylinders thus becomes easy to handle. The Indane JUMBO 425 Kg LPG installation has fewer hose joints and offers enhanced safety. It allows complete withdrawal of liquid and vapour thus minimising the residual gas effect. The cylinder is fitted with a valve having ports for withdrawal in both liquid as well as vapour form. This also allows the capability for scaling up the consumption with minimum changes in the installation. Indane JUMBO 425 Kg cylinders come with a magnetic level gauge to indicate the level of LPG inside the cylinder to plan the changeover. In order to enhance the safety, Indane JUMBO 425 Kg cylinders come with an inbuilt excess flow check valve. During change over, to enhance the safety, QRC (Quick Release Coupling) is fitted with the cylinder.

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