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Aadhaar numbers can also be submitted in
form of Aadhar letters - See Procedure below


Procedure for submitting Aadhar letters

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Customers with Aadhaar Numbers shall provide the Legible Photocopy of the Aadhaar letter/Card to your Distributors show room or to delivery boy with Consumer Number, Name, Distributor Name, mobile number etc. written on the same (illustration give aside). Along with copy of DGCC/Blue Book or recent cash memo. Similarly Aadhaar letter shall also to be provided to your bank.
Please note that Aadhaar letter will be considered as Proof of your Identity and address. In case you are not residing in the address mentioned in the Aadhaar letter, you need to provide alternate proof of address along with Aadhaar letter.
Before Submission please check if you have given :
1. Photo Copy of Aadhaar Card
2. Photo Copy of First page of DGCC / Blue Book or recent delivery reciept
3. Address Proof (Required only in case of your present LPG delivery address is different from address in Aadhaar Card)
4. Information as asked in points 1 to 6 in "Aadhaar Registration Sheet"
Aadhar Letters along with the above required documents can also be send by post to your respective Area offices. Mailing addresses are given below.
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Select District :
S. No.StateDistrictMailing address for Indane Customers