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Non Fuel Products

To provide value added services to customers, Indane Distributors are allowed to market various non fuel Products/Services. In this endeavor, Distributors are also provided with an opportunity to enhance their non-fuel revenue.

Please Note:

While you are welcome to purchase a LPG Stove/Cooking strange and other products from the range available with us, we would like to make it clear that it is not obligatory for you to purchase the same from us. You are at liberty to buy the LPG Stove/Cooking range from any source so long as it bears BIS mark or is of an approved quality/make.

The following products are available at our distributorships

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Auto LPG Saving Calculator

Average km travelled/ day : Km
Mileage achieved presently : Kmpl
RSP of petrol : Rs/ Ltr
RSP of Auto LPG : Rs/ Ltr
Your payback period : Months
Your yearly savings : Rs
1.When fitted with normal Auto LPG kit average cost is Rs16,000.
2.Mileage using Auto LPG is 10% less than conventional fuel.