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How Do I reactivate my connection ?

For reactivating LPG connection which is deactivated due to not availing refill for more than 6 months it is suggested that customer need to complete the following requirement to the distributor and verification:
An application in this format (Click here to download) is to be given.
Process flow :-
1. KYC form duly filled in with all details if not submitted earlier. In case of change in address, copy of proof of address to be cross checked with original.
2. The distributor shall check the consumer number and name and tally the signature with the SV if available or take a proof of identity. Distributor shall also check the KYC form for its completeness.
Based on the above the process of re-activation will be done. However the connection will not be re-activated in case the same appears in the list of suspected multiple connections. In such case, the distributor will get it verified and the customer will be asked to surrender the connection.